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Oracles acquisition of Netsuite – A just another or…..


Software major Oracle on Thursday (28th July) announced it was acquiring enterprise cloud services company NetSuite for nearly $9.3 billion in an all-cash deal – a move with which Oracle intends to cement its position in the growing cloud crm market and also reduce the lag by its late entry. The transaction is expected to complete by later this year.

It is the second largest acquisition for Oracle. It had acquired Peoplesoft in 2004 for 10.4bn USD. With Netsuite’s acquisition, Oracle intends to pitch harder against its friend/foe Salesforce. NetSuite has more than 5,000 employees and specializes in accounting and other back-office e-commerce software, particularly for smaller businesses. It has also created online software for manufacturing that is similar to some of Oracle’s software applications. NetSuite was one of the first companies to provide SaaS. It had a market capitalization of $7.37 billion before the deal was announced. In May, NetSuite unveiled software that unifies various accounting functions — for example, billing, revenue recognition, orders and subscriptions — into one system. NetSuite has more than 30,000 customers, the bulk of which are small and mid-size companies.

What could be the next step?

As per Mark Hurd CEO Oracle, the Oracle and Netsuite cloud offerings are complementary and can co-exist in the market for long time. Netsuite on the other hand can leverage Oracles global presence to increase its market breadth. Oracles dominance in database was nowhere influencing the cloud race.In a scenario where it was a late entrant and with a portfolio which was quite lagging behind AWS and Dynamics, it was continuously loosing out in the highly competitive arena of cloud crm. Acquisition of netsuite is a perfect marriage of opportunities. Amidst plethora of crm softwares which have cropped up in the near past, it can be comfortably said that salesforce is the real winner in this round, however with ever changing dynamics of business expectation from CRM, it is not what is now which will be important but what companies will offer is important. The CRM market is more or less matured enough. Today companies do not wish to have crm, manufacturing, accounting etc in silo but want to automate the entire lifecyle of business automated and talking to each other in sync. Most of the new age companies are build around automation. On cloud crm softwares like Uber, OLA, Airbnb etc use the platform to run the business and not sell the platform itself.

G2 Crowd CRM Review & Evaluation

Going forward, we will have two type of cloud buyers, one which is the cash cow industry and other which is  growth engine  to the IT industry. The cash cows are typically on legacy systems with huge DC/DR and multiple applications running in islands. They need to automate themselves to compete with the latest and nimble new comers in the market and hence the pressure on IT vendors to provide automating and seamless integration. Typically these cash cow industries have multiple vendors between the user and manufacturers with each focusing on specific roles. What is lacking here is seamless integration of value chain from one end to end. Vendors like Oracle &SAP which have traditionally been provider of heavy duty erp and database solutions to automate the back-end processes, now need to proved 360 degree view of end users as well and further integrate it seamlessly to the heavy duty engine running behind. Hence the drive to acquire 360 degree crm providers like  netsuite, salesforce etc. What lies ahead is not what netsuite brings on the table upfront but how Oracle leverages its technology to provide more value to its clients who are a cash cow. Here Oracle would try to ensure that these industry giants also evaluates its crm offering as seriously as Salesforce.

The growth engine industry primarily constitutes of those aggregators who depend on the heavy duty manufacturers to provide the anvil on which they grow. For example ola, uber, airbnb etc.. these players do have platform at their core and service as offering. IT vendor see immense opportunity in these players as they ensure that the final need of end users are met in a more user friendly manner. Hence the demand for players like salesforce, netsuite etc. With acquisition of Netsuite, Oracle intends not only to acquire its existing clients but also an opportunity it position its existing offerings and become an end to end vendor. For leading crm providers like salesforce, dynamics etc, to make it to the biggest league it has to foray into the attractive cash cow industry not just with crm offering but penetrate into the erp and database segment which is the biggest pie. For which it has to either have a foolproof strategic relationship with vendors like SAP and Oracle or acquire/invent something revolutionary.

The most probable outcome in the next few year could be acquisition of salesforce as well and then allowing the rest to die a natural death/exist in a niche OR salesforce/some other crm company acquires either Oracle, IBM or SAP and flips the world upsidedown..who knows??


Sources: Oracle website, bloomberg, crowd2,wsj

Nainital & Mukhteshwar Travel Diary


Day -1: 19 june nainital & mukhteshwar

Probably the best moment in a trip is the day before you begin. It is all so filled with excitement of new, the chaos of managing things, fear of missing out important stuff at the last moments and of-course the loud quagmire of children running around and adding more to the mess.
We begin our short unplanned trip to nainital tmro morning with intention to visit bhimtal, nainital, mukhteshwar and sattal. We are taking the morning 6pm shatabdi express from new delhi to kathgodham and from there we will take a taxi to Nainital. We stay there for 3 ninght and followed by 2 nights at mukteshwar. Thinking of getting few days of relief from the delhi heat is one motivation which tops the list of reasons for a vacation. Alternatively one can also drive to nainital. For room bookings we have been hearing about airb&b with some good reviews, hence Unlike previous times we booked our room through it. Hopefully it goes well as it sounds. Nainital, bhimtal, ranikhet and mukhteshwar are the locations around which can be explored. For 3 days we are staying in Bhimtal and intend to visist nanital and near vicinity for a day at a time. Mukhteshwar is for two nights.

Have a nice trip…

Day 0: from Delhi to nainital

So nostalgic is the feeling of the station slipping by as the train leaves the platfomr. A gentle jerk,  few heavy clinks here and there and the journey has begun happily bidding adaeu to the platform, the tea wala, sleepy beauties at the window of a train halting at the adjacent platform and our revered RBI governor Mr.Rajan. We had our train at 6am from new delhi railway station and inted to reach kathgodam by 12am, from there a taxi to bhimtal. Delhi kathgodam express is what it is called, the clinks and chunks of a moving train has reduced a bit these days however the indigenous mix of wild shrubs, garbage and sqatting bums stays along..a well begun journey‎. With steam engines being replaced with electric ones I am so missing the chugging noise of an engine along with the clink and clanks from the tracks. As we cruise along the tracks murky suburban is soon replaced by more clean and green
This pic is at a cafe on the way to Bhimtal from kathgodam metro station
IMG_20160620_121922 (1)
All my copa cup and eufa cup marathon watching dream goes kaput. Nonethless cannot care much. Next plan of action, a subtle lunch followed by a walk around the vicinity and finally ending with cold beer. Logging out for the day….

Our cottage pics: thanks Sheff for arranging a lovely place.

Pindar Cottage

Pindar Cottage






Day 1: 21 June

Today we plan to take the local route to nanital from our cottage. One can either take a taxi which ofcourse can be steep at time or just hop and walk. For us it’s a two stop hop, from our cottage a short walk to farsauli, small bus hop to bhowali. From bhowali a shared cab or bus to nanital. Let the March begin….and we scurry back. Guess rain gods are on duty today. Waiting for the drizzil to pass by.  Thank you raingod, finally hopped on to the bus for bhowali. A short adventerous rollercoaster ends well at bhowali. From there begins a enqaully enterprising trip to nailital served with some breathtaking landscape outside and amorous lip gazing at the rear view mirror. Like any other journey this nice trip also ends abruptly at nanital leaving me with sweat and sexy hangover.

Birds eye view of Nainital lake

Birds eye view of Nainital lake

Nainital rondevous begins with a 30mnts boat ride followed by a personalised rowing session. An hour wellspent and A new skill acquired. Nanital besides it’s lake is famous for its Mall road and Tibet market and ofcourse naina temple. The temple which blesses the nanital lake. We the took a cab to nearby visitable points to ‎Himalya view, lakeview, sookhatal, baraftta trekking area, suicide point, khoorpotal.‎ What we missed were

A day well spent….

Day 2: 22nd June

Our second day begins sunny side up promising an active day ahead. Today’s POA is morning visit to kaichi wali baba followed by visit to the less chaotic bhimtal and ending the day with bbq at our cottage. Kaichi dham is baba neem karolis abode a pretty revered soul around this place. There is a famous story which trends around here which goes like this, once baba neem karoli had arranged a feast and a function for to commemorate some significant day. During the preparation his discipiles discoved that they had finished ghee and to cater to the overflowing crowd more ghee was required. The revered baba orderd his disciple to borrow some ghee fro ganga maiya ie the river beside the temple, the desciple went and filled the can with water and during the transit from the river to the temple  water turned into ghee. After the commemoration ceremony  baba ordered his disciples to retunr the ghee to maa gange. They took the can of ghee and during the transit from the temple to the water source the ghee in the can turned into water , the desciple pored the water back into the source. Such is name and fame of baba that internationally acclaimed personalities like Steve jobs visited  his mandir for his blessings. Jobs during his initial days had visit neem karoli baba but was not fortunate enough to meet him personally. Jobs mentee Mark jukerberg is also an enthusiastic follwer of baba neem karoli and had visitedhim in the year 2007. Few basic points about the place;

* It’s called kaichi dham because the name of the place is kaichi
* It’s actually called neeb karoli which is babas colloquial name. I gues no one knows what his real name is but neeb karoli is the name of the village where he belonged to
* Babaji is hanumajis devotee and the temple is actually a hanuman temple established by him and that is where he stayed all his later part of life.
* 15 June is the establishment day, devotees from across the world visit him on this day.

We too are trending the same path and my wife who is also an entrepreneur has decided to follow the path, and I being a meek follower follow my wife all along… Happy women empowerment. Setting aside all my scepticism’s and prejudices against any religions  buildings i loved the peace and comfort it offered. From there we set on for Bhimtal, the second most famous lake in vicinity. On a slightly overcast day i haven’t seen a more beautiful lake..(not that i am a globe trotter..)

Bhimtal on an overcast day...

Bhimtal on an overcast day…

At bhimtal, some zorbrolling followed by a aquarium visit, nice little funtime. For those who have visited aquariums at Singapore or queenlands it would not attract much.

On the way to sattal  through some breathtaking landscape I guess the light drizzel is adding to scenic beauty.  On the way to sattal you would find garudtal, an amazing place without any hustle bustle and an ideal place to camp, swim and do your own stuff. Guess the best among all the tals. BTW a “tal” means lake in hindi.

Day 3: 23 June

Today we go to Mukteshwar which is about 2hours drive from Bhimtal. On the way we plan to take a short break at Ghante wale baba which is again a famous religious point. We plan to start by 12 and reach by 3pm to Mukhteshwar. A fairly cool morning, from last couple of day I can make out that the weather condition in the beginning of the day does not mean the day will stay that way. Rain norain, sun nosun keep your day the way you planned irrespective of the weather. You will enjoy anyway, just keep and umbrella. FYI there are some amazing places where you can do camping all by your self with minimum fuss. There are also commercial camping points where you can visit but the fun of doing thins by yourself will not be there. Mail me if you wish to and I and guide you to those places (
The temple is also called as ghorakhal temple. “Ghora” is the name of the place, which aslo mean horse in hindi and “Khal” in local language means lake

Some key points:

* This temple was established in 12century ad.
* The temples deity “golu dev” is believed  to be an incarnation of lord shiva. People visit here for their unfulfilled wishes and one they are fulfilled they come back to pay homage either in the form of flower, fruits or a bell. The most practised tradition is giving a Bell as homage.

We begin our voyage further up to mukteshwar. A breathtaking picturesque drive.

Somwhere on the way from Bhimtal to Mukhteshwar

Somewhere on the way from Bhimtal to Mukhteshwar

Day 4; 24th june

Penultimate day, an early morning start to a beautiful day. We plan to trek to hamuna temple at thr mukteshwar hiltop. Met with one of establishers of mukteshwar mandir.

A souvenir pic of babaji at mukteshwar temple……

IMG_20160624_133454 (1)





What a way to end the day, first a 4km hilly trek from the temple to our hill top hut and then again a village trek of 7km in dense forest with wifey n my babyArisha.  Tea with village folks and for once amidst not cooked but live turkeys and hens. Landed back tired and tested. A bonfire and a constellation filled sky to end the evening. Haven’t seen a clearer sky for as long as I can remember.


Day 5: 25th june

A well spent night in the jungle. Looking forward to more such visits. We return back today. Railway station about 70km from mukhteshwar. We have couple of hours serpentine drive from here to the railway station, followed by 6 hours train journey to delhi. ETA to Delhi at about 9pm today. Factoring in unforeseen hurdles and cloudy weather we are starting a bit early ie at 11am. I guess cities messedup life has grown into us over the period, five days of outstation life has left us wanting it back like an addict.

Back to pavilion but with loads of goodwill and memories. I wish i could find as empirical estimate of rural vs urban lifestyles

Keep Smiling...

Keep Smiling…

Ingenious OTS & TTS..

images (3)

I guess there is no difficult work than managing toddlers and kids. You cannot reason, you cannot full fill all their demands or match their energy and surely would never wish to be on the wrong side of parenting theories. Being engrained with this universal phenomenons I was surprised to find one of our friend’s sons behaving like angels one evening during our usual gathering.  Quite unlike our visits where chaos and noise is part of the gathering, this time it was clean tidy and well behaved.

Intrigued and marvelled by their management we decided to unearth the mystery and implement it at home. She promptly said we have started to implement OTS & TTS an ingenious parenting trick .  Awed by the theory we decided to investigate further, and asked what is OTS & TTS?

With unmatched piousness and ease she replied…oh it means One Tight Slap and Two Tight Slaps depending on  intensity.

I guess in work life as well simple solutions with ingenious branding usually get the work done….

The Rajma Chawal and Net Neutrality

For all us flying executive’s in Delhi NCR one of the very few reliefs is the taste of Rajma-Chawal at Nehru place. net neutralityBesides its divine taste, its surprisingly reasonable. The price  actually fits into the lunch budget of a regular salaried person in Delhi/NCR and just enough spicy to not only tinkle your taste buds but also not spoil your tummy. And ofcourse an efficient supply chain to ensure you don’t have to queue-up for more than 5 mnts. This guy started probably couple of decades back when the area around was yet to be developed. Now, the shop is still more or less similar in ambiance and style.The only thing which has changed in the volume of food sold the area of his vending point and endless list of consumers. And for all us happy consumers of his product, we do not need and wish to know which vendor he sources his raw materials from, which burner he uses to cook and if he actually files all his statutory taxes. Not as long as he is giving us all only one simple healthy reasonable dish an afternoon.

Ironically, the whole world is being a bitter critique to the only person who is willing to take a step forward and serve one simple dish for the segment which actually no one wants to serve. The only person who has invested his money, time, energy for a cause with no upfront and direct benefits. Rest of the learned world is standing by the shore picking many many mistakes and breaches (which may not be entirely wrong though) but not willing to do any anything to address the target market. Everyone feels the need to feed the needy, everyone discusses what how and when to feed the needy but no one wants to invest to feed the needy. Sadly while we all learned janta is fighting over the impact on raw material supplier, its nutritional value while the needy is still going hungry.

Happy 2016

Amidst busy schedule and hectic lifes, difficult husbands strict wifes,
bothering bosses smothering teammates, acting politicians and politically active actors. Between thin lines of tolerance & intolerance, difficult drives & easy road fights,

lets resolute to come together for happiness & peace this coming year and celebrate the spirit of simplicity and humanity..

images 2016