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The ball is faster you bloody bull, pass the ball…” – thundered my coach… A voice I can never forget and a lesson I still find useful. This was the first lesson to me on the soccer field. Running like a bull, helter-skelter and everywhere, we all do. Mired by cut-throat competition and ever-increasing replacements, we all have to run and run fast. But do we have to run like a bull, I think not.  “Strong on your feet and nimble in your head” – was the icing on the first lesson

Inside our cubicles, following are few soccer lessons, I still find pertinent

  1. The ball is always faster than the player: Invariably the ball always faster than you, to try to outspeed it is foolish. Trying to outrun and dribble around when you are surrounded by competition will not only tire you, it can injure you and also run out of steam before time. The trick is to rely on the team. Pass the ball to the nearest player and reposition yourself to get the ball back from him. Share your workload is the idea
  2. Trust: This brings me to my second lesson, to pass the ball you have to learn to trust. Fifa player of the year 2016, Ronaldo, Messi followed by Griezmann, Fifa Team of the year 2016 is  Germany, Brazil followed by Portugal. 2014 Fifa final, Germany drubs Brazil 7 to nil. Need i say more to emphasise team effort? These incidents say a lot. Learn to trust your teammates and build camaraderie.
  3. Mistakes – my fault, accolades – it is your: Trust comes when you are ready to say “If it goes wrong I am responsible if it goes right you are responsible. It requires an immense amount of courage even to think these words let alone execute it. This strategy is not be used in every scenario and with everyone. Having said that never shy away from giving this impression to your trusted ones. And if you are a leader, this gets you people who travel very very far with you….
  4. What is on TV is not what you play in real… last but not the least, what we see on tv are the meanest players of the world, high on steroids, augmented with brilliant technology and camera to make it look fast furious and entertaining. It is a result of many many years of practise off the field. Trying to emulate it is a disaster recipe, have your own plan, strategy and roadmap. Yes, take cues, guidance, help from the best you see around, at the end use your mind cause you are the best judge of your environment.

Keep the theme intact and the rest will follow…

Happy Diwali!!

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