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Jogitation- as written, it is meditating while you jog. Good news is, it comes naturally, difficult part is getting over the inertia to begin. Despite undisputed benefits the consistency to practice meditation eludes me consistently. Personally i prefer jogging despite and aches and pains. A 30 minute quick trot gives me enough adrenaline to sail though a day’s rigmarole and an instant high just after the session. Pair of running shoes, relatively easy weather outside that is all we need. For indoors, gymnasium sans the blaring music.

I always wished to include meditation in my regime, having said that, I always struggled to do so and was never able to successfully bring it into my routine. Could be because of my inability to do both (jogging & meditating) on a given day or my inability to be patient through the learning curve.

Jogitation i.e meditating while jogging is something which i realised by chance and later on googled to discover some more about it. Once while I was jogging at a slow pace on a pleasant morning ,i realised could listen myself breathing rhythmically and was finding it relatively easy to just focus on it and keep hearing it and nothing else. I could concentrate on my breathing easily disconnecting many multiple distractions crowding my mind. The second day was not that easy though. Later on i realised that i was trying to begin as soon as i started my jog, warming up before it and probably jogging few 100 meters before it helps get into the role.  Since then whenever I feel like meditating I go for a comfortable jog. For me jogging on a trend-mill does not give as good a result as i get from outdoors.

Few tips if you wish to try?

  1. You can try it outdoors albeit inside your campus or in stadium preferable early morning or late evening when its pleasant outside.
  2. Begin by stretching first (Always a must) followed by few hundred meters of warm-up jog. If you cannot keep track of distance assume one step is approx a meter in length.
  3. Jog comfortable and not hard. Keep your pace constant. Try breathing slow, this will happen only if your jog comfortably and not run. Set your own pace, if need be you can walk. But the idea is to keep a comfortable pace.
  4. If you feel jogging becoming too tiring, try walking and begin the same way as you would do for jogging
  5. Focus on your breathing, and try listening to it. If you do not find it easy, try counting your steps or just count numbers in a rhythm..
  6. What I do is think only one thing at a time. Thinking about numbers keeps emotion aside, which helps me keep a constant mood throughout the session. To make it simple count your steps. The idea is to thing one thing at a time and breath easy..
  7. Be very very careful when you are trying this on a treadmill. Ideally i would not recommend trying this on a treadmill.
  8. While you are jogging, preferably outdoors try keeping your head straight and run as easily as you can. Some pleasing and constant music adds to the effort. However its extremely individual oriented and for me sometimes no music is the best music…

Happy jogitating… let me also know your experiences…

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