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I guess there is no difficult work than managing toddlers and kids. You cannot reason, you cannot full fill all their demands or match their energy and surely would never wish to be on the wrong side of parenting theories. Being engrained with this universal phenomenons I was surprised to find one of our friend’s sons behaving like angels one evening during our usual gathering.  Quite unlike our visits where chaos and noise is part of the gathering, this time it was clean tidy and well behaved.

Intrigued and marvelled by their management we decided to unearth the mystery and implement it at home. She promptly said we have started to implement OTS & TTS an ingenious parenting trick .  Awed by the theory we decided to investigate further, and asked what is OTS & TTS?

With unmatched piousness and ease she replied…oh it means One Tight Slap and Two Tight Slaps depending on  intensity.

I guess in work life as well simple solutions with ingenious branding usually get the work done….

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