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For all us flying executive’s in Delhi NCR one of the very few reliefs is the taste of Rajma-Chawal at Nehru place. net neutralityBesides its divine taste, its surprisingly reasonable. The price  actually fits into the lunch budget of a regular salaried person in Delhi/NCR and just enough spicy to not only tinkle your taste buds but also not spoil your tummy. And ofcourse an efficient supply chain to ensure you don’t have to queue-up for more than 5 mnts. This guy started probably couple of decades back when the area around was yet to be developed. Now, the shop is still more or less similar in ambiance and style.The only thing which has changed in the volume of food sold the area of his vending point and endless list of consumers. And for all us happy consumers of his product, we do not need and wish to know which vendor he sources his raw materials from, which burner he uses to cook and if he actually files all his statutory taxes. Not as long as he is giving us all only one simple healthy reasonable dish an afternoon.

Ironically, the whole world is being a bitter critique to the only person who is willing to take a step forward and serve one simple dish for the segment which actually no one wants to serve. The only person who has invested his money, time, energy for a cause with no upfront and direct benefits. Rest of the learned world is standing by the shore picking many many mistakes and breaches (which may not be entirely wrong though) but not willing to do any anything to address the target market. Everyone feels the need to feed the needy, everyone discusses what how and when to feed the needy but no one wants to invest to feed the needy. Sadly while we all learned janta is fighting over the impact on raw material supplier, its nutritional value while the needy is still going hungry.

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