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Why would your company want its employees to use their own mobile devices for work or decide to give mobile devices for official purpose?

I asked this to some of my friends, IT consultants and few decision makers, following are few of the answers;

  1. Except for sales staff, all my employees work from office and I do not intend to have any mobilility solution for my office staff. Sales staff already has mobility solutions
  2. I do not allow people to connect their personal mobile devices or personal devices on company wifi and company network
  3. I trust my sales team and do not monitor their mobile devices (tabs, pads, smart phones etc…). It would be breaching into their personal domain
  4. I do not ask (officially) my sales team to keep official mail or documents on their  mobile devices and neither does our security policy allows it
  5. We have not given any mobile devices to all our staffs, except our senior management and sales team
  6. We have very few remote staff or remote locations and we need not to monitor them so keenly
  7. The data on most of the mobile devices are not sensitive enough and even if lost will not impact hugely.
  8. All our official mobility solutions are either on iphone or blackberry and their in-built offering is sufficient to protect and manage email, which is sufficient for me.


Fact is, though BYOD/office sponsored mobile device is fast becoming reality, ground reality is people want to concentrate on their core competency (and relevant technology)and not on IT. Companies today do not need to invest their hard earned money on creating an IT infrastructure which they cannot leverage immediately.

Having said that, knowing tomorrow’s technology landscape and how IT will positively impact their core business is also CXOs look out. If you are not agile today , tomorrow you might be in oblivion. We all might choose to reject it but mobile influx will continue to rise and so will its impact on our day to day business. End point devices will radicalize the way we do business, exactly how, that only time will tell, but it is time we be ready to manage the conundrum.


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